Awards and Prizes

Announcing the Winners

Best Documentary

Keeping Balance by Bernhard Wenger (Austria)

A beautifully shot film which contrasted the bright lights of a funfair with the inner turmoil of 20-year-old Denise. A surprising and touching film, it appealed both visually and emotionally.

Best Animation

Beams by Mitchell Crawford (UK)

Taking the chilling stories of two alien abductees, Crawford's animation captures their feeling of fear and loneliness with hypnotically dark animation.

MMBF Rising Star Award

Redcap by Peter Coulthard (UK)

An audience favourite, Redcap impressed with its humour and for the possibility of endless sequels! Peter graduated just a couple of days before receiving this award and we hope his win in Croydon is a platform for a successful career in film.

Our RISING STAR winner will be awarded the new RISING STAR award.  This will be awarded to new filmmakers, presenting their first or second film. The prize includes a £150 cash prize, a physical award, and a work experience opportunity. Kind thank you to the sponsors of this award the MMBF Trust Charity.